Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes in Spring 2023

Saturday 14th January
Starting off the year with some sunshine recipes . Fresh and zippy recipes for noodle and rice dishes, curries, stir fried vegetables, fresh salads and seafood.

Saturday 21st January
This class will have lots of ‘live to be one hundred recipes’ from the south where a largely plant based diet is widely believed to be the reason that so many live to an old age. Lots of quick tasty recipes to add to your repertoire

Saturday 28th January
How to eat and save the planet
Healthy and fun cooking without dairy, meat, eggs nor any animal products.

Saturday February 11th
Gluten Free Baking
Discover how to make delicious gluten free breads, pizzas, pastry, sweet and savoury tarts and cake

Saturday March 25th
Learn some new recipes for the spring and liven up your repertoire of vegetarian dishes.

Saturday April 2nd
Enjoy the wonderful fresh Mezze, Pilafs and Salads of this beautiful country and learn how simple they are to put together

Saturday April 15th
Plenty of fresh vibrant food, tacos, quesadillas, salsas, tamales, pico de gallo, guacamole….. learn to make a feast

Saturday April 29th
Salads and Herbs
A class to inspire you
Lots of ideas and recipes to make delicious salads, using seasonal ingredients. We’ll also go up the garden for a demo to show how to grow your own salads and herbs so you can say goodbye to sad plastic wrapped leaves.

Each of the cooking classes cost €120 which includes all recipes and a large lunch.


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