All of our classes have been posponed due to the Covid 19 crisis. We will hopefully be creating new classes soon.       


21st March   


We are taking a wander around Mexico and Cuba this winter so I will have some exciting new recipes to share, think tacos, quesadillas, salsas, ceviche, frijoles dormidos (sleeping beans). The menu is not made yet but we’ll find one!


Saturday 28th March 



Enjoy the wonderful fresh Mezze, Pilafs and Salads of this beautiful country and learn how simple they are to put together



4th April 


Recipes for a Sustainable Future

Plant based diets are big news these days. A lot of the world always eats in this way, there’s a surprising amount of healthy and fun eating out there. Today’s class will be about recipes to inspire you

Saturday 18th April   



Fresh and zippy recipes for noodle and rice dishes, curries, stir fried vegetables, fresh salads and seafood.


Saturday 25th April 

Indian Vegetarian


Lots of easy Indian recipes for every day dinners or to make a feast. The spices are aromatic, not the blow your head off chilli type that many people fear.



Saturday 9th May

Salads and Summer Recipes


Lots of fresh ideas and recipes, using seasonal ingredients to make delicious and nutritious salads, salad dressings and summer meals.




The classes cost €95  including recipes, tastings and a large lunch.