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Cooking Classes in Autumn 2023


Saturday 9th September                              Mediterranean 

The perfect time to host this class, when the garden is still producing tomatoes, aubergines, beans and all manner of delicious things to cook.There will be lots of ‘live to be one hundred recipes’ from the south where a plant based diet is widely believed to be the reason that so many live to an old age.


Saturday 16th September                         Recipes from Greece

The food in Greece is simple and seasonal. This class will be about creative ways with aubergine, peppers and tomatoes, delicious vegetable mezze and the secrets of making filo pies.


Saturday 21st October                                          Spanish   

This very edible class will include tapas for sharing, the perfect tortilla, and paella or suquet. I’m not sure quite what else yet as we’re about to go walkabout through Spain and hope pick up some new recipes so the menu has yet to be decided. This class will include some fish.


Saturday 28th October                                        Lebanese

Enjoy the wonderful fresh Mezze, Pilafs and Salads of this beautiful country and learn how simple they are to put together


Saturday 11th November                  Recipes for a Sustainable Future

Today’s class will be about recipes to inspire you to enjoy a plant based diet using local ingredients – hopefully mostly from our garden. A lot of the world always eats in this way, there’s a surprising amount of healthy and fun eating out there.


Saturday 18th November                                           Thai

Fresh and zippy recipes for noodle and rice dishes, curries, stir fried vegetables, fresh salads and seafood. Perfect food to brighten up grey days!


Saturday 25th November                                 Indian Vegetarian

One of my favourite vegetarian cuisines – so many possibilities! Learn to make a thali with a variety of vegetable dishes, dal, samosas, pakoras, biryani rice and all the accompaniments.


Please contact us for details

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