Cooking Classes Spring 2018


10th February


Vegan Cooking


Healthy and fun cooking without dairy, meat, nor eggs –

there’s a surprising amount of good eating out there.

The class will be gluten free or have alternatives.


24th March

South East Asian Cooking

Join me for this exciting class, a fusion of Indian, Malay,

Chinese and Thai food.

Lots of noodle and rice dishes, fresh salads and seafood.


 7th April

Lebanese Cooking


Enjoy the wonderful fresh Mezze, Pilafs and Salads

of this beautiful country and learn how

simple they are to put together


12th May

Mediterranean Cooking

This class will have lots of ‘live to be one hundred recipes’

from the south where a plant based diet is widely believed to

be the reason that so many live to an old age.

Lots of quick tasty recipes to add to your repertoire


23rd June


Salads and Summer Recipes


Lots of fresh ideas and recipes, using seasonal ingredients

to make delicious and nutritious salads

and summer meals.


The classes cost €95 including recipes, tastings and a large lunch.