Autumn Cooking Classes 2017

Saturday January 28th

Thai Class


Join Karen for some zippy fresh recipes such as fresh Spring Rolls, Som Tam, Fish Cakes, Vegetables with Cashews, Thai Curry.

Lots of inspiration to brighten up January and get your mouth buzzing. An added bonus is that the ingredients will all be available locally

Saturday March 18th Vegan Class

Karen will be giving a healthy and fun cooking class without dairy, meat, nor eggs.You'll be amazed by the amount of good vegan eating out there.

The class will be gluten free or have alternatives.

Saturday March 25th

Gluten Free Class

Join Con and learn some delicious gluten free recipes for breakfast, lunch and tea.

He'll be sharing some of the tips needed to get that pastry just right along with his family secret gluten free sodabread recipe.

 Saturday   April 8th

Low GI Diet

Join Con as he prepares some delicious healthy food while giving a fresh view on how to eat and not put on weight.

Aka ‘eat all you fancy but just need to now how’

Saturday April 22nd

Pizza and Pasta

A fun hands on class with Karen making pizzas and fresh pasta. Don’t wear your best shoes – you’re sure to get flour on them!

Lots of fun to be had learning how to make and cook ravioli, tagliatelle, cannelloni, lasagne, tortellini…..

Saturday May 6th Mediterranean Recipes

In this class Karen will be sharing lots of ‘live to be one hundred recipes’ from the south where a plant based diet is widely believed to be the reason that so many live to an old age.

Lots of quick tasty recipes to add to your repertoire.


The classes cost €95 including recipes, tastings and a large lunch.